Loss of appetite after surgery ?

i had an emergency appendectomy saturday morning, and for the past couple days i haven't had an appetite. I tried drinking peanut butter for lunch, and it just tasted bad. what is cause my lack of appetite, and will it ever go back to run of the mill??

It is normal to have decreased appetite following your type of surgery. Most patients bring 3-5 days, sometimes more if they are elderly, to return to a regular diet. The anesthesia you were given causes the intestines to "sleep" as well -- so they call for time to get back to normal. You might want to start beside non-greasy/oily foods rather than peanut butter (although I love peanut butter!). I assume that you are not having any nausea or vomiting. Activities such as walking will also help acquire things moving again, and make sure you are drinking enough liquids. Best of luck to you!
Your system will give somebody a lift time to get back to normal and it is slightly common to lose the appetite post op.

Try to drink cold juices or eat something frothy.

Your body will return to normal, just give it time. It is said that after surgery it take up to 6 months for the body to return to normal.

Feel better.
Almost everything involved in that kind of surgery can motivation a loss of appetite. Your body will take a while to recover but eventually you'll regain your appetite.

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