Can meds resembling tranquilizers,sedative lower your blood pressure?

yes and it can lower ur heart rate , abitlity to think and/ or expertise to function so i wouldnt recomend them
yes they can. all drugs enjoy more than 1 effect on the body.

usually only 1 is the dream. and the other are side-effects .

morphine is an example of a sedative that lowers bloodpressure.
Quite a while ago, past more modern drugs , minor tranquilizers were used to lower blood pressure . However, they are not unbelievably effective, thus are no longer used for that purpose. Small amounts of alcohol also lower blood presure (2 drinks), but long-term or bulky use of alcohol actually raise blood pressure .

There is a hallucinogenic plant from South America, called Rauwolfia Serpentina. This is outstandingly effective at knock BP down, but the side effects are severe--extreme antihistamine "dry mouth", nightmares , depression , and even suicide . It is not produced or prescribed any more.
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