I ate expired exlax to relieve constipation, am contained by difficulty of getting a tumor?

it sounds like you may already own a brain tumor
No but you may attain real desperate cramps just past you have to stir to the toilet
Everyone's in exposure of getting a tumor sweetie. But you probably won't get one from this. At smallest not this time. This was your first time wasn't it?
Not likely. Most medication have a longer shelf life afterwards is on the box or bottle. If it is really out of date you purely might get diaherra. Anyway it will solve your constipation problem.
Tumors are not cause by what you take. Hope you perceive better.
you will feel the exlax work close to maybe a year or two later
they lose their potency after a while.and you don't inevitability to take out dated meds for anything.
no but if you got any more, chop it up and mix it near massingil powder, and snort it for the best high u'll ever own
Hi. Yes. But not because of the ExLax.
no, don't give attention to so
No, you will just spontaneously combust.
its not completely likely
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