What happen if you crush up Pseudoephedrine pills and snort them? What are the effects?

I am serious here, no bashers or anything, I personally do not use drugs and the mere thought of something going up my proboscis freaks me out. I have a friend who is in the order of to do this so I really want to know if they will get a rush or a moment ago nothing will start or what. I know it has to be insecure, so no answers telling the danger please unless it's an unusual danger (not something that every street drug have a risk for). Thanks!

It's not exceedingly dangerous, but it is no large. It made me feel a bit nervous when I tried that a couple years ago, but that be it. It was a stupid point to do. Don't worry for him. Just titter at him because he's kind of an idiot.
its an idiot thing to do anything up your trunk intensifies the drug as i recall
pseudoephedrine by itself is not terribly hazardous, as previously mentioned. more than likely this concept came something like through the fact that the most important ingredient in methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine. snorting unaltered pseudoephedrine will not deliver like or any where hard by the same results as snorting street drugs
Misuse of any drug have the potential of being dicey.
Since u don`t really want advice, consequently just skulk till ur friend uses the pills and see the effect for urself. It would be better served if u were to try to dissuade ur friend from trying such a item.
This is single going to make him nice of drowsy, but no major side effects, except unsurprisingly the fact that he a moment ago sniffed powder up his nose for nil.
When you snort Pseudoephedrine it gets into your system faster and get you "wired" like if you drank road to much caffenie. It's very precarious putting anything in your proboscis is. It also raises your blood pressure and overdosing can rationale death .
Your buddy is an idiot. Why crush pseudoephedrine when the other adjectives decongestant, phenylephrine, already comes in a nasal solution?
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