Pill pink oval 143 on one side 93 on other ?

This is a handy site for question like this:
drugs .com/index.cfm?pageID=1151&pid=1" title="http://www. drugs .com/index.cfm?pageID=1151&pid=1">http://www. drugs .com/index.cfm?pageid=11...

I ponder the imprint is actually 147, not 143, but it is a naproxen tablet.
Look in a PDR. Physicians Desk Reference.
Your best bet is to call your local pharmacy. They enjoy drug identifier books there and you can describe the pill to them and they'll speak about you what it is. Good luck!
Try this site. I hope it help.
Naproxen sodium, 500mg.

OTC pain med. [similar to ibuprofen, acetaminophen]
( 149 ) >> ( 93 )

Pink oval.

Hope this help, mate :)
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