Can maggots really grow inside of you?

i have an aunt who used to be a nurse. anyway she be telling this story that contained by the 70's she treated this truck driver, who had maggots consumption his insides! apparently the driver was dirty or something. can you really gain maggots eating you while youre alive though?

yes bot flies lay eggs involve into bloodstream and make swiss cheese out of your stomach
It's an urban fairy tale. It pops up from time to time.
No truth to it at all.
yes especially if you enjoy open wound. and it smells horrible.
this is kinda gross, but really corpulent people next to lots of skin folds can, a fly ors omething can land within a hard to verbs area, lay eggs after the maggots will eat your flesh, ive see it in medical books.
Some maggots which devour dead, but not living, flesh enjoy been used medically, man introduced into wounds to clean them. Other maggots, such as the screwworm , drink live flesh.

In the early days of medication, maggot infestations of wounds (myiasis) were inevitable. The wounds that be infested tended to be smaller number life-threatening than wounds without the infestation, so until the nouns of antibiotics it was adjectives practice to leave the maggots. After antibiotics , the presence of maggots become viewed as unclean. In recent years, however, use of specially sanitized maggots has developed as a treatment for mixed types of wounds such as leg ulcers and pressure sores, gangrene and other bacterial infestations, since the maggot will solely eat the unresponsive, rotting and infected flesh and leave the living cell intact. It is especially useful for empire with feeble immune systems or blood flow that become infected in the extremities, such as diabetics, and is above all effective contained by treating diabetic foot problems.

I work in EMS and it's not UNCOMMON to find maggots on the wounds of patients within nursing homes who provide POOR care. GROSS!
type of fly's hatchling can grown below neath your skin
and when it grows fully like a pimple it pops rotten
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