Constricted Pupils?

It would be great to get an answer from a clinical and not textbook perspective...if anyone has seen this...

I know that constricted pupils most commonly occur due to use of CNS depressing drugs.

BUT..I sometimes have constricted pupils and take no such medication. My vision will be "blurry". I do have anaphylaxis to certain foods, though. Is it possible that I am experiencing hypotension/shock induced by definite foods but not a full blown typical anaphylatic reaction (I avoid the foods I am known to be anaphylactic to, of course)?

Or can general bouts of low blood pressure impose this? What rare optic diseases would cause this (if any)?

I will feel dizzy and disorientation when this occur.

Normally, I would not be concerned, but I am being more affected by it, and I am worried that people next to think I'm stoned when I don't even do drugs...

I have mentioned this to my GP, and he was not concerned..

First, I'm a neuroscience RN not a physician.

Have you be tested for glaucoma? The reason I'm curious is that normally visual acuity improve with pupillary constriction (and worsens with dilatation) -- except in the grip of increased intraocular pressure (IOP). I don't diagnose, but I would go to an optometrist and have your IOP checked (if >20, it could be something like wide-angle glaucoma ... the optometrist would know how to make the diagnosis).
you need to hound your GP about that. it definatley sounds nonstandard, especially since you are having other symtoms with the pupil constrictions. I would be concerned about neurologic conditions. If your gp ignore you , go see someone else. Don't let them ignore you.
Your body's functions are controlled by two different systems--one excites everything, and the other slows things down.

When your sympathetic system is more dominant you hold your fight or flight response. Blood pressure and heart rate go up, pupils get larger (hence the residence "wide eyed with fear") blood goes to your muscles.

When your parasympathetic system is more dominant the conflicting occurs. BP and pulse go down (causing light headedness, or even fainting) and your pupils constrict.

Your body is constantly ebb and flowing between these two systems, and one or the other becomes stronger many times a day surrounded by everyone.

It sounds like you are having episodes of increased parasympathetic tone. This can be caused by tons things, almost all of which are natural and harmless.

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