What is the difference between RPh and Pharm D.?

Hey guys, I was just wondering what is the difference between a RPh and a Pharm D?

I know RPh stands for Registered Pharmacist and Pharm D. stands for Doctorate of Pharmacy but what exactly is the difference?


To be a RPh, you must pass the license exams and than get a license from your state. PharmD is just the degree. You can own the degree and not be licensed.
not all registered pharmacists have the pharm d scope. before pharmacists had an option to be in motion through with the pharm d program but if not then they would receive the bachelors of pharmacy level. now pharmacy schools are only providing the pharm d program and did lacking the bachelors program which means an extra 2 or 3 years.
Register pharmacist is a title, Pharm. D. is the degree from the colleage of pharmacy you earned.. In the matured days they granted the Bachelors of Pharmacy degree, like they did the Bachelor of laws point. Today it is Pharm. D. , and Juris Doctor.

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